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How Circles increased conversions by 17% with short videos

+17 %

Increase in conversion rate

+15 %

Increase in revenue generated per visitor

Meet Margaux, founder of Circles

About the brand

Circles is a brand dedicated to natural supplements for women's health. They believe in empowering individuals through knowledge of their bodies and menstrual cycles. With accessible resources and community support, Circles bridges traditional wisdom with modern needs, aiming to redefine women's wellness.
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Why do they use Vidjet?

Point #1

AB-testing with their agency

Circles began with our Starter Plan, testing Vidjet on three product pages. Partnering with their CRO agency, they ran a 30-day AB-test to assess the impact of carousels. After sharing the results, their commitment to data-driven optimization was evident.
AB-Test Results
Point #2

Expanding to all PDPs and domains

Expanding to both their French and Italian websites, we implemented Vidjet across all product pages on both domains.
Using our multi-domain interface, the Circles team was able to associate videos to PDPs effortlessly.
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Point #3

Seamless onboarding

We assisted them in embedding stories into their Shopify theme by using a collaborator access. Additionally, we collaborated on finding the optimal look and feel for their carousel component. This included gathering videos into the appropriate feeds within their Vidjet account and styling the videos, incorporating elements such as "Buy now."
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Point #4

Why repurpose Reels and TikTok content for brands?

Vidjet maximizes the impact of TikTok and Reels content by repurposing it across platforms. We curate engaging videos, seamlessly integrate them into their strategy, and add interactive elements like Call to Action buttons. This amplifies brand messaging, expands reach, and drives meaningful interactions.
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We published video carousels on our product pages, using our UGC videos and tutorials. After one month of AB-test, we saw a +17% increase in sales. The Vidjet team has been helpful in suggesting the best practices, and setting it up for us.
Alessandro Petrucciani
Managing Director of Circles

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