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How Wonders segments videos by visitors' languages


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About the brand

Founded in 1998, Wonders is known for its chic designs, and commitment to the environment.
With a growing presence in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Greece, Wonders has become a prominent name in sustainable fashion. While they have traffic in both Spanish and English, they only produce videos in Spanish, and until Vidjet came along they couldn’t find a video player suitable for their localization needs.
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How does the Vidjet team help?

Step #1

The Wonders team records product try-ons and tutorials

Wonders, a standout brand, consistently generates a wealth of content-rich product videos every week. The team is committed to providing high-quality, bulk video content, with the goal of enhancing your luxury experience.
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Step #2

The content team uploads videos on an Spreadsheet

After production, videos are promptly added to a dedicated Google Drive folder for easy accessibility and organization. This folder is shared with the Vidjet team, and checked by Vidjet CSMs (customer success managers) every morning.
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Step #3

The Vidjet team associates videos to product pages

Then, the CMS in charge seamlessly associates videos to product pages inside Wonders, Vidjet account.
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Step #4

Preview and publish!

Finally, the campaign is previewed and activated to go live on the website, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.
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Ever since we stumbled upon VIDJET, we saw its potential. But now, having it on our website, it's gone beyond what we expected. Plus, the team's support in managing the project from the get-go has been top-notch. Really impressive stuff!
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Francis Carbonell
E-commerce Director & CDO

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