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Georgia Swain, founder

Georgia founded REDELUXE for a reliable luxury experience. Despite limited business experience, she started a resale business inspired by a Facebook group for designer items. Today, REDELUXE is on a mission to transform the second-hand luxury market with pillars such as trust, authenticity, and humanization.
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How does the Vidjet team help?

Step #1

The REDELUXE team records product try-ons and tutorials

The content team creates over 20 product videos every week, with Georgia as the main character. They make sure to deliver high-quality video content to humanise the shopping experience, and create trust with customers.
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Step #2

The content team uploads videos on a Google Drive folder

After production, videos are promptly added to a dedicated Google Drive folder for easy accessibility and organization. This folder is shared with the Vidjet team, and checked by Vidjet CSMs (customer success managers) every morning.
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Step #3

The Vidjet team associates videos to product pages

The CSM in charge of the REDELUXE account checks the Drive folder every morning. 
Then he associates videos to product pages inside REDELUXE's Vidjet account.
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Step #4

Preview and publish!

Finally, all videos a previewed and activated to go live on the website.
Once all videos have been published, the CSM in charge moves these videos from the main Drive folder to a sub-folder named "Imported in Vidjet".
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This app is going to be life changer for your business how it is for us!!!!!!
We are extremely excited about this new feature that is the FUTURE of online shopping. My only regret is not have found this app earlier!
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Georgia Swain
Founder at REDELUXE

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