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Shoppable-video platform for modern e-commerce stores.

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Lift in conversions


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From 1 to 1000+ pages, in a few clicks

Embed videos at scale, without code

Merchants with thousands of product pages use our bulk-embed feature to seamlessly display videos across all of them.
Modernize your customer experience

Create video feeds, and tag products

Elevate your visitor experience with TikTok and Reels-inspired features. Select products in Vidjet and seamlessly tag them in your videos.
All-in-one video platform

Import videos, manage, customize, analyse

Streamline video management across multiple domains, import videos from various sources, and get in-depth eCom analytics.

Real stories, real people

There's a reason we got 150+ five-star reviews from our customers.

We published video carousels on our product pages. After one month of AB-test, we saw a +17% increase in sales.

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Alessandro Petrucciani
Managing Director, Circles
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We recently switched our Stories provider to Vidjet. This app offers competitive prices, and doesn't impact our page loads.

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Marie Duffaut
Digital Manager, Loupiote
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Vidjet is vital for our multilingual traffic, allowing us to tailor videos to our clients' languages.

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Francis Carbonell
E-commerce Director, Wonders
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We record content every day and import it to a Google Drive. The Vidjet team handles the rest.

Georgia profile pic
Georgia Swain
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Save time with our pre-built formats

Delight visitors with a modern shopping experience, using these responsive video components.
video widget & bubble

Add a human touch to your customer journey

Great for: Welcome visitors, Thanks buyers, Special Announcement, Display additional information on your pages.
Add bubbles to your websiteiconsvg icon

Take the best out of social media

Great for: UGC & testimonials, Product reviews, Short tutorials, FAQ videos, and much more!
Add stories to your websiteiconsvg icon
Embedded videos

An elegant alternative to YouTube or Vimeo

Great for: Background videos, Vertical (portrait) videos, Single videos, Product videos, and much more!
Embed videos to your websiteiconsvg icon
Centered video popover

Trigger the right video, at the right time

Great for: Special announcements, Sales & promotions, Welcome & thank-you videos, and much more!
Add popup videos to your websiteiconsvg icon
sticky play button

Propose help with videos, and keep is discrete

Great for: Informative videos, Tutorials, Walkthroughs, Coupon codes, and much more!
Add sticky play buttons to your pagesiconsvg icon
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5 sec delay


+22 seconds time spent on page
6.2% sales converted on this page

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new visitors


+46 seconds time spent on page
5.2% sales in the same session

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20% scroll


+29 seconds time spent on page
6.7% conversions on email collected

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Live examples

Product explainer
Wear product
Info on sizes
Info on returns
Customer review
360° product view
Influencer video
Info on sizes and fit
Show product texture
Homepage embedded video
How to build
Product tutorial

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