Video content marketing has taken the world by storm. With this form of media emerging as the primary tool for user generated content and brand marketing strategies, it has been successful in both engaging customers and converting audiences. Undeniably an effective strategy with a remarkable impact, video marketing can truly set your marketing campaigns apart from competitors. However, what sets your video strategy apart from competitors is the strategic planning and implementation behind it. In order to build an effective campaign with a clear audience reach one must ensure to keep in mind not only the complexity of this competitive landscape but also understand, the preferences of your target audience, creative elements and UGC trends.

With the help of this comprehensive guide, we will explore key elements that can amplify your companies marketing campaign by ensuring that your marketing videos are resonating with your target audience but also successful creates awareness and generates sales. Let's embark on this journey by diving into unique video production strategies backed by data driven insights across various social media platforms and build a powerful social media plan for your company.

Image showing the race between the three leading social media platforms.

Mastering Your Video Marketing Strategy : Blueprint to Success

The blueprint

In this landscape of video marketing, while high quality video content isn't the sole characteristic of a social media marketing campaign, the most significant element is the strategy that goes behind its positioning. In order for your efforts to prove successful, planning your campaign is critical with the first phase being focused towards, exploring valuable data driven insights into content production strategies across social media platforms of your choice. Through these insights such as optimal posting frequency, type of tailored video content etc, all can help your company align its efforts for a more powerful impact

Strategic Posting: Optimizing Your Video Upload Schedule for Each Platform

The first set of data driven insights from research conducts shines a light on the frequency across three popular short-form video platforms. Diving deeper into the impact of the study conducted, we can see that.

graph illustrates the monthly video posting frequency across three popular short-form video platforms.
Graph showing the ideal posts for optimisation platform wise.

TikTok's Beat: How 15 Videos a Month Can Keep Your Audience Dancing.

In recent years, TikTok has blown up with its popularity amongst generation z and millennials with its fast-paced yet interactive and engaging video content. TikTok's users rely on recurring and frequent posts and updates. Research conducted shows that the ideal frequency for this platform is the use of 15 video posts each month in order to not only take advantage of the platform's algorithm but also to keep your users engaged.

Instagram Reels: Frequency to Crafting Captivating Moments on Instagram

Instagram is yet another platform that leverages this short form video experience. Compared to TikTok, research shows that the ideal posting frequency for Instagram, is 10 posts per month. In doing so, your company can ensure that the video content being posted is relevant and visible for your target audience. Anything higher or lower can hinder marketing efficiency.

YouTube Shorts : A Short and Sweet Strategy for YouTube Success

The final platform at the forefront of this video marketing revolution is short form videos on YouTube. While it may not be as frequently in comparison to TikTok or Reels, studies allow us to infer that a mere 8 videos a month with a duration shorter than 60 seconds has a potential to help your company tap into the significant growth potential of this platform.

Harnessing the power of three

Now that we have an understanding of the various social channels dynamics and the importance of using a balance of quality and quantity, tailoring your campaign the right way becomes easier. Thus, in order to develop a successful blueprint across social channels, it is essential to tailor posting frequencies of your video content across the platforms based on the ideal posts per platform while prioritising consistent and quality video content.

It is also essential to remember that while leveraging a single channel can be effective, a balance of posts across all 3 platforms with this ideal post count can supercharge your brand visibility.

Now that we have an understanding of how to create a framework for your advertising blueprint, let's dive deeper into how you can align your video content effectively across these platforms in order to have a more efficient approach.

Cracking the Instagram Code: Crafting Video Content that Captivates Your Audience

Keeping posting frequencies in mind, let's take a focused look at Instagram. With its visually driven interface and highly engaged audience of over 2 billion active monthly users, this platform provides a unique opportunity for social media marketers.

However, in order to maximise organisational impact on this channel, along with the suggested 10 reels a month, the reels must be aligned with the changing demand in your target audience In order to better guide you in creating visually appealing video content that is aligned with your followers, let's utilise data-driven insights in order to identify how to create the preferred type of video content for Instagram users as of April 2023.

Image showing percentages of preferred types of content on Instagram.
Graph showing trending instagram video content themes.

Crafting Irresistible Video Content: Tailoring Instagram's Global Favourites.

Having a strong understanding of what type of videos your audience/viewers enjoy watching on Instagram can be the answer to unlocking not only higher engagement rates but also brand loyalty. Based on research conducted earlier this year in April, here are a few viewer preferences that can be leveraged in unique ways.

1) Funny

Laughter and humour are one of the most universally sought communication channels. Research shows that over 50% of engaging video content was themed around posts that evoked humour and made audiences smile. By leveraging funny video content your brand can build a positive brand image.

2) Creative

The fundamental characteristic of superior value on Instagram, is creativity. Through the above conducted research we can infer that 46% of video content on instagram came under the creativity section. Through showcasing your brands products and services in a unique and innovative approach can have significant advantages towards your marketing efforts.

3) Informative

Another notable trend of preference, is video content that shares information, tips and valuable insights. Coming in at 41%, the utilisation of such content has numerous added benefits namely authenticity and brand loyalty all together create a sense of community and trust amongst your followers.

4) Relaxing

Digital trends are constantly evolving with almost 37% of content coming under the relaxing categories. In our fast paced world, people prefer to use video content that helps them getaway from the real world and unwind. Of your total instagram posts focusing on creating product video content that creates a soothing effect to the human mind can create a connect at a subconscious level with your consumers.

5) Inspirational

Different brands sell different stories. Studies show that a strong 36% of content on instagram was themed inspirational. Why? Because inspiring your audience helps instil a deeper connection. Sharing stories quotes or video content that is not only related to your product but also uplifts and motivates viewers. This emotional connect can work wonders with the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns.

6) Engaging

As mentioned multiple times above, interaction is the fundamental foundation to social media marketing strategies. Creating video content that promotes your viewers to interact with your video content be it through polls or interactive stories can have a positive impact on your marketing efforts. With research showing a strong 36% of video content on instagram with high conversion rates coming from engaging content, dont forget to add a hint of this element to your strategy too.

7) Trendy

Trends are taking social platforms by storm bringing in the sense of virality on a high scale. Staying up to date with changes in these trends and implementing strategies to take advantage of the same can help keep your marketing efforts relevant in the digital landscape. With 35% of video content coming from trending content, leveraging this theme can have a postive impact on brand visiblity.

8) Exciting

Coming with a dominance of 34%. Video Content that has the ability to create a sense of anticipation and excitment has been seen to have a strong hold within the landscape. Utilising this theme based on your product and service can help create succcessful teasers for coming product launches or even organisational events.

9) Relevant

Data driven insights show that, 33% of video content generated has a theme of relevance revolving around it. As a company ensuring that video material is relevant towards viewers interests and needs is a critical driver. Dont forget to tailor your posts in line with your viewers preferences.

10) How to

Last but not least we have how to videos. With a strong 28% of videos coming under the how to category, creating videos around your products or services which share practical advice or how to guides can help position your organisation as a valuebale and authentic source of information.

Thus, take action, create visually appealing videos for your instagram reels that are aligned with the themes and video content that resosnate the most with your audience. Tailoring your video posts(Reels) to match these viewer preferences on instagram can create a presence that not only creates brand loyalty but also attracts significant viewer attention and fosters community.

In the final segment of this article, we are going to understand how to leverage data driven insights aroudnd TikTok and identifying themes and elements that can drive engagement and 'virality' on this platform.

How to Go Viral with TikTok: Understanding Themes and Elements.

Similar to instagram, TikTok has found its place as one of the top short video content social platforms. TikTok is a unique platform but has an opportunity to go viral with just a few right steps. In order to go viral it is essential to understand the themes that are driving engagement. With an aim to effectively engage your tiktok user base and potentially go viral lets analyse the elements that you could potential incorporate into your strategy.

Most Popular TikTok Videos Based on Total Global Likes, March 2023

To gain insights into what works on TikTok, let's take a look at the most popular TikTok videos based on total global likes as of March 2023:

Graph showing the most trending tiktok videos.

1. Lip Syncing (61 Million Likes):

Lip syncing has been one of the most common trends on this platform. Its fun but at the same time an easier way to connect with your viewers through trending music or audio. By engaging viewers by starting to create product videos that have these catchy trending tunes in the background can add a unique twist to your video strategy.

2. - Dancing in Front of Bathroom Mirror (51 Million Likes):

Another notable and important trend as seen through data, is dance. trends. In order to promote your products attempting to create and implement dance challenges that are in line with current trends while creatively promoting your brands message can offer fruitful conversion rates.

3. - Drawings of Mouths (51 Million Likes):

While video clips are the most produced video content on the platform, the creativity extends beyond video and coming in with close to 51 million likes, creative art and drawn video content seems to be garnering significant ammounts of attention. Thus, hoping onto the trend and showing your products with the help of artistic and appealing presentation can draw a great ammount of attention towards your brand.

4. - Dancing Filmed by a Drone (45 Million Likes):

With a whooping 45 million likes, a dance filmed by a drone shows us a unique visual experience. To take advantage of such trends, its inferred that brands should experiment with different angles and filming techniques. A simple twist to your video angles can add a fresh twist to your media. Leaving viewers who enjoy interacting with such content to enngage with your brand at an increased frequency.

5. - Sang "Suave" by El Alfa (41.4 Million Likes):

As seen with lip sync and dance trends music is a universal language. With 41.4 million likes, trends are seen using popular soundtracks. By finding the best fit musical element for your product videos,your brand has the ability to enhance its emotional impact making your product videos more relatable and increasing your chance of going viral.

6. - Person Barking at Dog (40.6 Million Likes):

With a holding of 40.6 million likes, another famous viral video was that of an individual simply barking back at his dog. This allows us to understand that virality on tiktok revolves around both quirky as well as unexpected videos. It is important for you as a brand to get creative, think outside the box and come up with story lines for your videos that potentialy suprise your audience and in turn entertain them.

Image showing viral content of woman barking at dog.

7. - "Time Warp Scan" Filter (40.5 Million Likes):

Time Warp was one of the most trending filters not too long ago. These filters are not only creative but unique in terms of visual appeal and attention grabbing capablitites. With over 40.5 million likes, this trend musnt go unnoticed. Ensure that you experiment with these trending filters in product/service demonstrations in order to increase your likelyhood of generating viral videos.

Therefore, analysing these trends in depth allows us to understand the importance of themes, trends and creative elements, when it comes to drivinf engagement with the diverse tiktok user base. Infuse your product videos with similar forms of engagement, experiment with new approaches and keep video content relevant with rapidly changing trends. In doing so your brand will be better equipped to produce video content around your key offerengs without compromisiong on the potential to go viral with your campaigns.


As we can see, harnessing data-driven insights is a critical element to building an impactful and sucesful video marketing campaign across TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube shorts. With a balance of 15 TikTok videos, 10 Instagram reels and 8 Youtube short videos per month you can maximise your efforts.

Remember, the key lies in aligning these posts with the vidoe content preferences of your audience on each platform. By tailoring your video posts according to these data driven insights you can build a powerful campaign with a strong user engagement which not only generates brand awareness but also boosts sales and conversion rates too!

Stay flexible, adapt to changes in trends and watch your campaigns maintain a dominant presence in this dynamic landscape.