How an e-commerce brand uses videos to describe their unique products


Arturo Gómez-Lechón and María Martí

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Vardier became the essential e-commerce brand for ‘just in case’ fashion: a cardigan in case it’s getting cold, a waterproof jacket in case it rains. Their concept is unique through the way in which the clothing functions. Customers can fold and unfold them to their liking, wrinkle-free, and they barely occupy any space in their bags. This makes Vardier’s product fashionable, practical, and efficient.

Vardier is the only brand who sells such products, which are also 100% manufactured in Spain.

Vardier's Challenge

The practicality of Vardier’s products come with a challenge: often, it’s difficult for visitors to understand how the ‘folding’ and ‘unfolding’ of the clothes actually work. 

They considered using video content to show the process. Yet, they also did not want to interrupt the customer journey and impact visitors negatively. 

With the videos recorded by their team and ready to be published, they started to look for a solution.

“We wanted something that did not interfere with the consumer. Through "bubbles", you give people the freedom to watch or not watch the video - this is a big plus to us.”

The Vidjet Solution

Vidjet provided Vardier with a simple solution to their problem. By using on-site pop-up videos on their website, the brand:

  1. Found a way to display their videos without being intrusive
  2. Made it simple for customers to understand how their product works
  3. Increased website engagement
  4. Incorporated 40+ product videos across multiple product pages.
  5. Uses a video tool that does not slow down their website at all.

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