How an e-commerce brand improved their website aesthetic with videos

Zamp Helmets

Zamp Helmets

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Zamp Helmets was founded in the USA. They sell motorsport and karting helmets that safe, visually exciting, and comfortable.

They’re famous for offering incredible quality at a hugely competitive price point.  They receive tens of thousands of visitors and shoppers to their website every month. This figure continues to grow month by month.

Zamp's Challenge

Despite having extensive descriptions and detailed photos on product pages, Zamp Helmets believed there was a better way to showcase how awesome their helmets are.

They wanted to give their customers a more realistic view of their products that images just… didn't convey. At the same time, they didn’t want the aesthetic of their website and their entire brand to suffer.

“We wanted to give customers more of a realistic view of our products that images just didn't convey.”

The Vidjet Solution

Vidjet provided Zamp Helmets with a simple solution to their problem. By using on-site pop-up videos on their website, the brand:

  1. Found a better and more visually engaging way to present their products
  2. Found an easy to setup and use tool, which is rare
  3. Increased website engagement
  4. Did not negatively impact their website and brand aesthetic, due to the non-intrusive aspect of Vidjet video campaigns. 

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