How an e-commerce brand created an in-depth product experience with videos


Paulo Pierrondi

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SIMPL! Is a small family company from Ireland focused on Men's Apparel.

Their brand started with a focus on fashionable apparel that is made only with the highest quality materials. 

One of their main products is the SIMPL! Wallet. Whether it has and AirTag attached to it or it’s made with titanium, the SIMPL! brand is the go-to for many all over the world.

SIMPL!'s Challenge

SIMPL! wanted to provide their customers with an in-depth experience (product capabilities, benefits, etc.) of the product they are selling. So, they turned to video content to give their visitors a better feel of the product.

With plenty of UCG videos in their hands, SIMPL! was also looking to repurpose some of these videos on their product pages. 

If only they could find a video display tool that would have a video running while users navigate a page…

“It's super cool to have a video running while you navigate a page.

The Vidjet Solution

Vidjet provided SIMPL! with a simple solution to their problem. By using on-site videos, the brand:

  1. Is now able to scale their ads thanks to more professional looking product pages
  2. Found an easy to setup and use tool, which is rare
  3. Repurposed their UCG videos from other media platforms
  4. Proved to their customers they are a trustworthy and reliable brand, thanks to their on-site display of product videos
  5. Did not negatively impact their website and brand aesthetic, due to the non-intrusive aspect of Vidjet video campaigns. 

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