How an e-commerce brand switched to Vidjet for a much better U.I and video display experience

Keyzar Jewelry

Guy Cohen

Customer Stories Vidjet - Photo of customers
Time on page
+25% increase
Conversions worth in $
+ $30K


Keyzar Jewelry started in 2018 as a jewelry shop and expanded to the online space during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their concept is entirely tailored to the customer’s wishes, in that users co-design and personalize their jewelry order, and Keyzar delivers. 

With such masterful craft and beautiful pieces made from scratch, it’s no wonder the U.S based company sees over 10.000 visitors every day!

Keyzar's Challenge

Keyzar Jewelry is familiar with publishing videos - a must for any e-commerce business wishing to improve communication with their customers.

Before Vidjet, they used another video tool, but they disliked their U.I. They needed something easier to use and engaging, in order to display their awesome freelance made and in-house videos.

And so, they discovered Vidjet.

“We like Vidjet A LOT.”

The Vidjet Solution

Vidjet provided Keyzar Jewelry with a simple solution to their problem. By using on-site videos on their website, the brand:

  1. Found a better and more visually engaging way to display their video campaigns
  2. Found an easy to setup and use tool, which is rare
  3. Now uses Vidjet to display videos on all their top collections and products from their site
  4. Increased the time their users spend on collections pages by 25%

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