How an e-commerce brand leverages all their dormant video content

Elifexir - Laboratorios Phergal

Rocío Zapatero & Chen Yue

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Elifexir is a brand of Laboratorios Phergal, a leading cosmetics company that has been on the market for more than 37+ years. After selling their products in pharmacies and other brick-and-mortar locations for the past 22 years, Elifexir followed through with the digital transformation trend and transitioned to the online space. 

Elifexir is the best-selling brand in the "anti-cellulite" body care category, sourced by IQVIA.

Elifexir's Challenge

Upon their transition to the online space, Elifexir wanted to bridge the gap between the virtual limitations of the space (not being able to see & feel the product) and the real life customer experience. 

So, their greatest challenge was offering visitors the feel, look, and characteristics of their products, similar to in-store experiences. They knew this would significantly reduce the time between the interest phase and the purchase phase. 

Lastly, they had many influencer and product videos from previous campaigns, but no clear way of reusing them.

“In the digital environment, the user cannot try the product despite being very interested. Vidjet provides a simple and visual solution to that.”

The Vidjet Solution

Vidjet provided Elifexir with a simple solution to their problem. By using on-site pop-up videos on their website, the brand:

  1. Found a simple and visual way to present their products
  2. Improved visibility of their influencer campaigns by repurposing the videos on their e-shop
  3. Increased website engagement
  4. Quickened the purchase decision process of their visitors
  5. Repurposed all of their dormant video content.

A/B Test with Vidjet

At first, Elifexir conducted a quick experiment with Vidjet and their growth agency, to measure how popups videos capture visitors' attention and increase conversions.

They uploaded catchy videos on several product pages, to be displayed only on mobile.

Once over, the results came in:

➔ 18.5 seconds of video playback on average.

➔ 9.64% of viewers who clicked on play finished watching the video.

➔ Average time on page is 1:58, compared to the average of other product tabs which is under 1 minute.

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