1. Use of social media visual content (2018 and future plans)

The chart displays the percentage of brands that featured visual content from social media in 2018 and those that plan to incorporate such content into their strategies in the near future. 

In 2018, 38% of the entities featured visual content from social media, while an additional 43% have plans to do so in the near future. 

This data highlights the growing recognition of the value of social media visual content in marketing strategies.

Image showing future projections for featuring visual content

2. Attitudes toward Influencer Content vs. User-Generated Content (April 2022)

This table provides a snapshot of survey responses, highlighting the widespread preference for user-generated content over influencer content and the positive impact it has on trust, brand perception, and purchasing decisions.

Image showing attitude towards influencer content and user generated content

3. Benefits of featuring visual UGC

Visual UGC is recognized as a powerful tool, with 91% acknowledging it creates engagement, 82% boosting product discoverability, 81% deepening brand trust, and also increasing conversion rates.

Image showing benefits of featuring user generated content

 4. Consumer survey showing how many reviews to build a sense of trust

This survey reveals that 64% of consumers feel a sense of trust when they encounter between 2 and 6 reviews, with the majority (36%) finding trust with 4 to 6 reviews. Fewer consumers (22%) require 7 to 20 reviews, and a small percentage (4%) need 21 or more reviews to establish trust in a product or service. 

Image showing consumer survey on product reviews.

5) Most mentioned events across social media platforms worldwide in 2022 (in millions)

In 2022, the War in Ukraine dominated social media discussions with 139 million mentions, followed by the FIFA World Cup with 50.30 million mentions, the 94th Academy Awards with 25.30 million mentions, Queen Elizabeth with 16.20 million mentions, and the Monkeypox outbreak with 9.25 million mentions. These reflect the global significance and public interest in UGC Content. 

Donut chart showing most UGC mentions globally

6. Influence of User-Generated Content (UGC) on shoppers

Among female shoppers (overall), 24% find UGC influential, while the younger demographic aged 18-29 overwhelmingly sees UGC as extremely influential (97%). Additionally, 63% believe UGC creates authenticity, 73% gain confidence in purchases, and 61% feel encouraged to engage with brands through UGC.

Image showing influence of UGC on various segments

7) Agreement of brands and retailers on the impact of visual UGC

Brands and retailers widely agree on the effectiveness of visual UGC, with 91% recognizing it as a tool for creating engaging experiences, 82% for increasing product discoverability, and 81% for deepening brand trust, demonstrating the consensus on its value in marketing strategies

Image showing effectiveness of visual UGC

8. "Top 5 Instagram brand mentions in 2020"

In 2020, led with an impressive 610 million mentions on Instagram, followed by Instagram itself with 224 million. Zara received 4 million mentions, Shein garnered 5 million, and Fashion Nova had 6 million mentions, reflecting their significant presence and engagement on the platform.

Image showing top 5 Instagram UGC mentions

9. Marketers' requests for rights to User-Generated Content

Only 23.03% of marketers consistently request rights to use other people's content, indicating that the majority (76.97%) may need to improve their practices in this regard to ensure proper usage and compliance.

Pie showing percentage of request to use rights

10. Impact of UGC on web conversions and consumer behaviour

The data indicates that featuring UGC can lead to a 29% increase in web conversions, while 70% of consumers consider UGC before making purchases, and 41% read 4-7 UGC reviews to gain valuable insights into products, emphasizing the significant influence of UGC on consumer decision-making and web conversions.

Image showing impact of UGC on conversion rates

Download the PDF summary here! 

This PDF summaries in a visual format the key user generated content statistics to help boost brand visibility.


1. Use of Social Media Visual Content (2018 and Future Plans)

2. Attitudes Toward Influencer Content vs. User-Generated Content (April 2022)

3. Benefits of Featuring Visual UGC

4. Consumer survey showing how many reviews to build a sense of trust

5. Most mentioned events across social media platforms worldwide in 2022(in millions)

6. Influence of User-Generated Content (UGC) on Shoppers

7. Agreement of Brands and Retailers on the Impact of Visual UGC

8. Top 5 Instagram Brand Mentions in 2020

9. Marketers' Request for Rights to User-Generated Content

10. Impact of User-Generated Content (UGC) on Web Conversions and Consumer Behaviour